Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have to make these. Just. Go. Look. At. Them.

Now, if only I was fond enough of my co-workers to bring them Kahlua infused brownies. Then I would have someone to share with, and could justify making them.

Well, maybe if I clear some room in the freezer...


Yes, I will eat the last of the frozen veggies necessary to sustain us through winter. Then there will be room for brownies. :-)


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good blog.

Mallikarjuna said...

hi u have good life tastes I think

Kimberly Strom said...

Hi Rozmin,
Sorry for the delayed response...I'm getting caught back up now.
The swimming hole is in Pougny, near the gare. If you pass under the rail bridge, there is the quarry, while there are INTERDIT signs around the area, other people, and families swim there, and there are nice "beaches" around the it seems like an okay thing to do and the water is very nice.
I am looking forward to the summer weather coming back for a bit so that we can swim again.
Thanks for the comment.

Jose Garza said...

very very very good blog. how i like a brownie like death by chocolate